Our Team

Our Team is a group of barrier-breaking, hard-charging women veterans with particular expertise in gender integration in the military.

We’ve commanded units and served in combat, integrated units and training, and never stopped putting our troops first. We have robust networks of veterans, serving officers, and enlisted troops, especially the women who continue to are taking on new opportunities in combat roles, and our priority will always be military readiness and the strength of the force.


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Sue Fulton, former Army Captain, US Military Academy '80, graduated in the first West Point class to include women, and played a key role in the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the end of the military's transgender ban. She was appointed by President Obama to the US Military Academy Board of Visitors, and was the first woman graduate to serve as its chair.

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donna mcaleer, boARD Chair

Donna McAleer, former Army Captain, US Military Academy '87

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kris fuhr

Kris Fuhr, former Army Captain, US Military Academy '85, was 10th in her class at West Point, and served as a Military Intelligence officer. A successful movie marketer for Sony Pictures, Kris has served for several years in the Ranger School Support Group, supporting and advising Ranger candidates as well as mentoring the women lieutenants who integrated Infantry and Armor officer training. 


jeannette haynie

Jeannette Haynie, Reserve Marine Lieutenant Colonel, US Naval Academy '98, is an AH-1W Cobra pilot by trade, and a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations at George Washington University. 

With her husband, a fellow Marine, Jeannette is the creator and leader of the Outdoor Leadership Lab, a leadership, survival, and problem-solving  program for youth.


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KYLEANNE HUNTER                               lisa jaster                     

Ky Hunter, retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel, served as a Cobra pilot and won the Distinguished Flying Cross for her actions in Afghanistan. 





Lisa Jaster, Army Reserve Major, US Military Academy '00, was the third woman to graduate from Ranger School. She served as an Engineer officer, and continues to leverage her skills at Shell Corp. She is married to a Marine Lieutenant Colonel, and their two children are competitive mixed martial artists. 

Mary Tobin

mary tobin

Mary Tobin, former Army Captain, US Military Academy '03, is a combat veteran of multiple tours, including her first deployment as the only woman in her Field Artillery battalion. Mary is a diversity consultant and currently directs the Brownsville Partnership for Community Solutions.

"A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else."
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